Luis Fernando Martínez

Doctor of Physical Education with special interest in the educational field, (curriculum, active methodologies and formative evaluation), as well as in the development of AFDMN in different contexts (education, leisure, health). Since 1998, he has developed his teaching work at the University of Almería (1998-2010) and Autónoma de Madrid (today) as a Doctor Contract. It belongs to the Formative Evaluation Network since 2005, the EF Network in Nature since 2016 and the ApS Research Network in AFD since 2019. He has participated in R + D + i projects (2001, 2008 and 2013) on active tourism and formative evaluation.

In many of his works published in journals of relevant impact factor, research related to these themes is developed. Currently, he continues to work with topics related to teaching skills and service learning within the university framework.