Javier Murillo will give a conference at the CISETC International Congress

Between December 10 and 12, 2019, the International Congress on Education and Technology in Sciences (CISETC) will be held at the Catholic University of Santa María, Arequipa, Peru. F. Javier Murillo, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice, is among one of the speakers, where he will present his lecture under the title “A look at education from Social Justice.”

The purpose of this congress is to assess the development possibilities that can be found in the classrooms of the different educational levels from a prospective perspective. CISETC facilitates a space for the exchange of academic scientific knowledge, which seeks to socialize the best teaching practices in Mathematics, chemistry, physics, statistics aligned to the global context such as STEAM and the use of technologies to achieve learning.

As explained on its website, the congress is based on two major thematic axes: Pedagogical practices in the sciences and complementary aspects to the teaching of the sciences. You can directly access the program here.