F. Javier Murillo participates in the Onda Vecinal Radio program "We are committed: Segregation in the classroom"

The Radio Neighborhood Wave program “Commits us: Segregation in classrooms”, directed by Francisco Poveda del Álamo, discusses how the educational system is organized from public authorities and the negative consequences that political and investment decisions have on rights of students, which must be the same for the whole Community.

The guests who reflected on the current situation of segregation in the classrooms are:
  • F. Javier Murillo, UNESCO Chairholder.
  • Rosa María Martínez, who has been a teacher in several Getafe schools, has been school counselor for almost 25 years at the “IES Miguel Hernández”, and for the past 10 years, has worked at the Getafe EOEP.
  • Jesús Rogero, Professor of Sociology at UAM.