Environmental justice

Teaching resources

Ecologistas en Acción. Confederation of more than 300 ecological groups distributed by towns and cities in Spain. It is part of the so-called social ecology, which understands that environmental problems have their origin in an increasingly globalized model of production and consumption. It has a section of varied resources and key readings with possible didactic use that bring sustainability closer.

Fuhem-Ecosocial. Research, experimentation and educational innovation have been an essential concern of FUHEM for decades. For this reason, it supports the development of educational materials and guides that address different aspects of the current world from an eco-social and critical perspective. It provides teachers with materials to work at different levels of the educational cycle around issues related to sustainability, social cohesion, democracy and diversity, and peace in a broad sense.

Teachers For Future Spain. Group of teachers concerned about the state of climate emergency. They carry out concrete actions to change the management of schools and to develop Environmental Education. They have a strong commitment to the planet and offer a comprehensive collection of educational resources related to climate change and sustainability.

Tiempo de Actuar. Blog dedicated to sharing educational resources to face the crisis of coexistence between people and the environment. The entries are elaborations by FUHEM, teachers from other centers, or interesting resources and activities. The resources are arranged by educational stage, content, subject and teaching guides.

Environment and sustainability. The BCTF (British Columbia Teacher’s Federation) action group offers a series of resources aimed at providing support to teachers for environmental education at all educational levels.

Audiovisual resources

Lemon. The Reina Sofía Foundation presents an animated short film on the problem of plastics in nature on the occasion of the Ocean Day that is celebrated every June 8 around the world. Spoiler: Plastics in nature never have a good ending.