Creativity and Complexity for Educational Change and Social Justice

The purpose of this line is to apply creativity in a practical and profound sense in the various areas involved in Social Justice and educational innovation, serving as a bridge between the academy and various educational, social and cultural organizations and groups.

This multidisciplinary team was born from the work carried out in the Research Group for Educational Change and Social Justice, GICE (2015),  from where various events have been generated, as the coordination a Monograph of Creativity in the International Journal of Education for Social Justice (2018).

Some of its principles and purposes are:

    • Enhance creativity as an individual, social and complex phenomenon that allows us to advance in the frontiers of its epistemology, as well as in the episteme of each person interested in taking their knowledge into action, in coherence with social justice and ecological sustainability.
    • Promote creativity based on consciousness, promoting a convergent sense of democratic, inclusive, fair and sustainable values ​​and a culture of peace.
    • Encourage the exchange of experiences in research, formal and non-formal education, and develop networks to grow and contribute through different events and activities (conferences, congresses, stays, courses, performance, among others). We collaborate with the Association of Creativity in Spain ASOCREA and other international networks in creativity.
    • Develop a bank of innovative pedagogical and social experiences around creativity and Social Justic
    • Collaborate in the training of experts who contribute with founded scientific bases to global and local discourses on creativity, committing from the diversity of their disciplines and activities, to promote creativity in authenticity, ethics and social justice. We currently collaborate with the UAM’s Applied Creativity Expert Program (formerly a Doctorate in Creativity).
    • Promote innovation and knowledge transfer in education. We propose to support schools that want to promote creativity, from a transdisciplinary vision of knowledge, with a multipurpose curriculum, which implies that they integrate, in addition to traditional disciplines, other knowledge and experiences that invite to strengthen interculturality; socio-affective and gender competence; spiritual values, respect for minorities; the inclusion of people with different interests, orientations and identities; broad creativity and feminist awareness; respect for animal life and nature, thereby contributing to a committed educational community and with an innovative strategic plan. For this, we have created the RIEC-UAM-Madrid Nucleus (2018) belonging to the International Network of Creative Schools, an institution with which we have generated a collaboration agreement with the Unesco Chair for Social Justice (2019).