Civil society initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the city of Madrid

Project data:

  • Call: Grants for Research projects on Global Citizenship and International Cooperation for Development 2020 of the Madrid City Council.
    Funding entity: Madrid City Council.
  • Participating entities: Institute of Human Rights, Democracy, Culture of Peace and Nonviolence (DEMOSPAZ Institute), the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice, the University Institute for Women’s Studies (IUEM) and the University Institute of Needs and Rights of Children and Adolescents (IUNDIA)
  • PI: F. Javier Murillo and Manuela Mesa.
  • Number of participating researchers: 16

The research seeks to achieve a double objective: a) to identify and describe all the actions that civil society is developing in the city of Madrid on the UN Sustainable Development Goals linked to the defense of peace and human rights (SDG 16 ), the search for gender equality (SDG 5) and the construction of food sovereignty (within SDG 11), and b) deepening some especially relevant experiences through their systematization. All this with the aim of helping citizens know what is being done in the city of Madrid and provide data to help the Madrid City Council in planning actions aimed at achieving the SDGs.