Call for the reception of 2020 nominations for the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes

Since 1967, UNESCO has awarded excellence and innovation in the field of literacy through the delivery of the International Literacy Prizes. Throughout its history, more than 485 projects and programs implemented by governments, non-governmental organizations or individuals around the world have been recognised.

This year the theme is “Teaching and Learning Literacy: The Role of Educators and the Evolution of Pedagogies“, and since its inception, its main objective is to support effective literacy practices as well as the promotion of literate societies. These Prizes are made up of the UNESCO Rey-Senjong Prize, sponsored by the Republic of Korea, and the UNESCO-Confucius Prize, sponsored by the People’s Republic of China. Each pize has a specific focus:

    • UNESCO Rey-Sejong Prize: the development and use of literacy and training in the mother tongue.
    • UNESCO-Confucius Prize: Literacy for rural adults and out-of-school youth, particularly women and girls.

The nomination process will be developed through an online platform. Candidates can access the application form requesting the creation of a user account through the following link: 

In accordance with the statutes, each Member State may submit a maximum of 3 nominations for the UNESCO-Confucius Literacy Prize and 2 for the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize. As nomination proposals (in English or French) must be submitted in consultation with the respective national commission for UNESCO, the deadline for submission of nominations is Monday, June 19, 2020.