Andrés García Ruíz

Diploma in Teaching from E.G.B. (Specialty Science) by the UCM Degree in Biological Sciences (Zoology) by the UCM Doctor in Biological Sciences (Animal Biology) by the UCM Professor of Secondary Education of the specialty of Biology and Geology.

Professor of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the UAM, in the Department of Specific Didactics since 2003. He combines the activity in the university with secondary education, which makes him have a broader vision of the educational world, currently being director of an IES. From 1999 to 2003 he was Associate Professor in the Interuniversity Department of Ecology at the University of Alcalá.

Research lines: – * Experimental Sciences Teaching: – Research learning in Experimental Sciences. – Learning by projects in Experimental Sciences. – Resolution of problems, errors and difficulties in learning science, scientific controversies. – Environmental Education, sustainable development, global change and CTS and CTSA approaches. – Didactics of ecology: strategies and teaching resources. Application of ecology to educational systems. Contributions of ecology to the didactics of experimental sciences. – Didactics of animal biology (zoology). * Terrestrial ecology: Diversity of arthropods. Study of edaphic animal communities. – Use of arthropods as bioindicators of soil contamination and degradation. – Role of the edaphic fauna in the restoration of degraded soils. Influence of fire on edaphic communities. – Invasive species. * Applied and human ecology: Ecological studies of urban systems. Influence of some animal groups (arthropods) on man.

He has directed and continues to direct Doctoral Thesis, Third Cycle Research Works, Advanced Studies Diplomas, Final Master and Degree Projects. He teaches in elementary grade and in two masters of the department: MESOB and specific didactics in the classroom and in the natural spaces.

Teacher training for Infant, Primary and Secondary Education I have taught numerous teacher training courses in various types of institutions:

  • Lecturer of the Methodology Course of Experimental Sciences in the Higher Cycle of the E.G.B., taught at the C.E.P. from Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), during the 1985-86 academic year, lasting 18 hours.
  • Lecturer Professor of the Course: From the Curriculum Project to the Didactic Unit in Sciences (Diversity and Unity of living beings), taught at the C.E.P. from Madrid-North, from 11-17-1993 to 02-24-1994, duration 3 hours.
  • Coordinator and Professor of the Course: The Teaching of Natural Sciences in Secondary Education: Curricular innovations of the LOGSE, organized by the Official College of Biologists and held in Madrid from April 4 to 19, 1994, duration 20 hours.
  • Professor tutor of the Course: Training for the performance of the Management Function, organized by the CPR of Parla (Madrid), from 1-11-98 to 24-3-99.
  • Professor of the Teacher Training Summer Course: The terrestrial systems and their environmental implications, organized by the Complutense University and held in El Escorial (Madrid) from 7-7-03 to 11-7-03, duration 2 hours.
  • Professor of the Teacher Training Summer Course: Discover, research, experiment: Introduction to science, organized by the Menéndez Pelayo International University and held in Santander from 27-6-05 to 1-7-05.
  • Professor of the course: “IBL Inquiry Based Learning)”. Innovative experiences to learn Science and Mathematics, organized by the Menéndez Pelayo International University and held in Cuenca from 30-6-2014 to 4-7-2014, duration 6 hours.
  • Speaker and tutor of the course: “The development of the managerial function”, organized by INTEF and held online and in Madrid from 9-3-2017 to 06-15-2017, duration 150 hours.