Adrián Almazán reflects on "Coronavirus and Escosocial Collapse: Lessons and Risks" on the blog "Última llamada" of

The blog “Última Llamada” of featured Adrián Almazán‘s reflection on the Covid-19 crisis in the context of a socio-ecological emergency that is experienced worldwide under the title “Coronavirus and Ecosocial Collapse: Lessons and Risks“.

The Coronavirus crisis (Covid-19) has prompted the activation of the Alarm State in several states around the world, including Spain. A country where mobility restrictions have been in place for a week, and where 14,678 infections are currently recorded (with more than 800 cases in the ICU) and 741 deaths.

In this context, key debates arise on the role of public institutions and their great value for Spanish society. But there are also other debates and calls for reflection regarding the environmental crisis that our planet is currently suffering, to which Adrián Almazán asks himself: “will we understand this brief scenario of collapse as a warning? Thus, exposing the paradox of comparing the measures that are deployed in the face of a viral emergency and, according to him, “the (lack of) response to an already officially declared climate emergency.”

You can read more in “Coronavirus and ecosocial collapse: lessons and risks“.