Sebastián Rossel

PhD candidate of the Doctoral Program in Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid. Sociologist, Master in Latin American Studies, Linguistic mention of the University of La Serena. Undergraduate and postgraduate academic assistant professor, professor of the chair of ‘Research Methodology’ in Master Programs of the University of La Serena, Santo Tomás University, Metropolitan Technological University and Central University of Chile.

In the field of scientific research between 1999-2019 he participates as a methodological advisor in research of the Chilean Security Association (ACHS), Research Directorate University of La Serena (DIDULS), Santo Tomás University and Central University. In 2014 he is a developer of the qualitative Software ‘Polimnia’ in the Language Center of the University of La Serena. In 2016 he published “Psychosocial argumentative competence: schemes, structure and types of arguments in Chilean university students, Language Magazine of the Universidad del Valle, Colombia. In 2017 he is Rapporteur in the School of Participatory Inclusion (EDLI) in the Municipality of La Serena. In 2018 they publish “Cognitive ecology of the mathematical meaning: approach from the cognitive sciences” in the book “PERSPECTIVES ON THE MEANING – From the biological to the social“, Cristián Noemi Padilla (Editor), Editorial University of La Serena, ISBN N ° 978 -956-7052-36-3. In 2018 Eriko Wulf and Sebastián Rossel publish “Market positioning factors according to the Delta model and the application of CSR” in the book “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: A corporate challenge“, Eriko Wulf Betancourt (Editor), Patagonia Books (Distributor) , Editorial University of La Serena, ISBN N ° 978-956-7052-38-7. In 2019 he publishes “Diffuse argumentative complexity and logic: Zoom into the meaning of communicative interaction in a classroom context” in the book “STEPS FOR A COGNITIVE ECOLOGY OF EDUCATION”, Ronnie Videla Reyes (Editor), ULS Monographs Series, Research Department and Development (DIDULS), Editorial University of La Serena. In 2019 Cristián Noemi and Sebastián Rossel publish “Psychosocial argumentative competence and performance in older adults”, Revista Logos  of the Faculty of Humanities, University of La Serena. In 2019 Ronnie Videla, Sebastián Rossel and Guillermo Leyton publish “Analysis of the class interaction of outstanding professors in mathematics: A case study in Chile“, Journal of Culture and Education, University of Barcelona.