Fabiola de la Precilla

Fabiola de Precilla (1968) Santa Lucía, San Juan, Argentine Republic. Studies: Visual Arts, Bachelor of Painting (1994), Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (FFyH) National University of Córdoba (UNC). Doctor of Arts, Specialty in Visual Arts (2011). Her thesis, from a socio-semiotic perspective, obtained Outstanding qualification, it was published in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (FFyH) and in the Faculty of Arts, (FA), (UNC). Currently she is a Professor of “Art History”, “Aesthetics and Art Criticism” at the Academy of Arts “Figueroa Alcorta”, Faculty of Art and Design, Provincial University of Córdoba, Argentina.

Associate Professor, she supervises PhD students in Semiotics at the University of La Plata, at UNC, Argentina, and also co-directs thesis students of the Master’s in “Applied Semiotics and Cultural Sciences”, University of Potsdam, Germany. Member of the Academic Committee of the Doctorate in Arts of the Faculty of Arts, UNC (2013-2019). She directs Research Projects SECYT, UNC (2012-2017) “Dialogism, intertextuality and allegory in art and visual, multimedia design in the period of late peripheral capitalism” (Córdoba, Argentina, 1985-2012). She currently co-directs the project “The Ritualities of Performance. The four Theses of Erika Fischer-Lichte from a local perspective ”(SECYT; UNC; 2018-2021).

Research lines: Aesthetics, Semiotics and History of Art and Culture, artistic and social performance (peripheral and central settings), street art, art as a vehicle for social transformation and configuration of subjectivities.

Email:  fabidelaprecilla@gmail.com

Website: www.fabioladelaprecilla.com