Juvenile literature

Caperucita in Manhatan: Synopsis: Sara Allen is a ten-year-old girl who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her greatest wish is to go to Manhattan alone to bring a strawberry pie to her grandmother. The grandmother of this modern Little Red Riding Hood has been a music hall singer and has been married several times. The wolf is Mr. Woolf, a multimillionaire pastry chef who lives near Central Park in a pie-shaped skyscraper. But the magic thread of this story focuses on Miss Lunatic, an ageless beggar who lives by day hidden in the Statue of Liberty and who goes out at night to mediate in human misfortunes or, if necessary, get to give an elixir able to overcome fear; Author: Carmen Martín Gaite.

When Hitler stole the pink rabbit: Synopsis: Hitler’s arrival in power will radically change the life of Anna and her family. In their escape from the Nazi horror, they must leave their country and leave behind many beloved things, such as their stuffed rabbit. His childhood will also stay with him. When Hitler stole the pink rabbit it is one of the most read works by young people around the world; a work that overflows emotion and sincerity; Author: Judith Kerr.

The Catcher in the Rye: Synopsis: The adventures of the teenager Holden Cauldfiel in a New York recovering from the war influenced successive generations around the world. In his sincere confession without bluntness, far from the syrupy vision of adolescence that prevailed until then, Holden reveals to us the reality of a boy faced with school failure, the rigid norms of a traditional family, the experience of sexuality beyond mere desire; Author: J. D. Salinge.

La Casa de Mango Street. Synopsis: Sometimes moving, sometimes surprising and fun, La casa en Mango Street tells the story of Esperanza Cordero, a young Mexican American who grows up in the Hispanic neighborhood of Chicago, in an environment where tradition mixes with new lifestyles. At fourteen, he is very clear that he does not want to belong to a rickety world that is too small for him; Author: Sandra Cisneros.

The Little Princess: Synopsis: Sara Crewe, a little princess who lives happily with her father in colonial India, enters a select school in England. Despite her reputation as a strict person, Miss Minchin, director of the school, receives the girl with a gift and promises to watch over her. But suddenly Captain Crewe dies ruined and, overnight, the little princess becomes a poor abandoned and orphaned girl, repudiated by everyone; Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Matar a un Ruiseñor. Synopsis: The novel is inspired by the author’s observations about her family and her neighbors, as well as an incident that occurred near her city in 1936, when she was 10 years old. In 1961 she won a Pulitzer Prize and was praised for her sensitive and thoughtful treatment of racism and prejudice in the southern United States. Author: Harper Lee.

Orlando: Synopsis: “Orlando” is the wonder novel. In it, Virginia Woolf shone one of the most unique and unforgettable characters in literature. From her birth in Elizabethan England as a male, Orlando goes through times and geographies until the same years in which the author writes, in a continuous vital journey that also includes the transformation from male to female. Carried on volandas as in a dream, the reader lives through his peculiar protagonist many lives, many adventures, while attending one of the most suggestive explorations of sexual identity ever embodied in fiction; Author: Virginia Woolf

Requiem for a Spanish peasant:  Synopsis: Requiem for a Spanish peasant picks up a dramatic episode of the civil war in an Aragonese village. Mosén Millán prepares to offer a mass in suffrage of the soul of a young man whom he had loved as a son. While he waits for the assistants, the priest reconstructs the facts: the failure of his mediation, with which he believed he could save the young man, but that only served to deliver him to his executors. The story is of a perfect sobriety and a simplicity not less profound and shocking. The narration overwhelms by its adjusted realism, by the effectiveness of its symbols and by the deep knowledge of the mechanisms of the conscience, revealed through the evocation of the priest. Without a doubt, Requiem for a Spanish peasant is one of the best works of Ramón J. Sender and a definitive book about our civil war, far from any panfletarism; Author: Ramón J. Sender

Equal rites: Synopsis: A dying magician gives his cane – and therefore his power – to Eskarina, a newborn who, according to the admitted rituals, cannot be a wizard but a witch. Over time, the rite of initiation is completed with a more formal learning at the Invisible University, an ineffable center of esoteric studies, where the magician Simon boasts his incredible powers. Together, Eskarina and Simón will have to face an invasion of strange creatures that threaten to destroy Disco World; Author: Terry Pratchett.