Socioeconomic inequality

Teaching resources

Economic Justice The BCTF (British Columbia Teacher´s Federation) action group has created a social justice and economic justice action group to support the work of teachers or activists for Social Justice. On the web, you can find classroom projects, a calendar with relevant dates, audiovisual resources, reading recommendations for teachers and students, etc.

Audiovisual resources

12 Neighbors. A series of documentaries that invite you to reflect on neighborhoods and communities, inviting spectators to discuss their own communities and possible forms of joint action. The set of documentaries challenge diverse perspectives on poverty, marginalization and real change.

Camino a la escuela. A documentary that tells the story of four children – Jackson, Carlitos, Zahira and Samuel – who must face daily a multitude of adversities and dangers to get to school. These children live in four very distant parts of the earth, but they share the same desire to learn and are aware that only education will open the doors to a better future.

El negocio de la Pobreza. A reportage that deals with how the multinationals get rich at the expense of the health of the poorest people, taking São Paulo and Kenya as an example. Brands promise quality products, yet offer industrial products with lots of salt, sugar and flavorings. With great consequences for health, in societies that already have problems of poverty and malnutrition.