Education for Social Justice

Teaching resources

Education and Social Justice Blog. Blog edited by from the work seminars of the research group Educational Change for Social Justice from which reflections on education and social justice are shared.

Critical Media Project (CMP). Free online media literacy resource for educators and students (ages 8-21). It arises with the intention of increasing critical awareness and providing the tools to decode media representations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, religion, age, and disability, and to develop an understanding of how these identities intersect.

Educatolerancia. A space dedicated to collecting educational resources to work tolerance, solidarity and Human Rights, in order to build together a society in which there is no place for intolerance in all its manifestations.

Global Oneness Proyect. Multimedia collection that includes films, essays and photographs that highlight current issues such as climate change, migration, indigenous cultures, etc. In addition to multimedia material, it offers didactic units to work with high school students.

Empowering students for just societies: a handbook for primary school teachers. This document aims to provide the teaching body with various relevant and accessible educational resources that can be used both inside and outside the classroom, aimed at transmitting the principles of the rule of law to primary school students.

Empowering students for just societies: a handbook for secondary school teachers. The purpose of this document is to provide teachers with various relevant and accessible teaching materials that can be used both inside and outside the classroom aimed at transmitting the principles of the rule of law to secondary school students.

Peace and global education.  The BCTF (British Columbia Teacher´s Federation) action group offers a section dedicated to supporting teachers on peace education and global education. On the web, you can find classroom projects, a calendar with relevant dates, audiovisual resources, reading recommendations for teachers and students, etc.

Rethinking Schools. Journal dedicated to the publication of educational materials committed to equity and public education as the foundation for creating a humane, caring and multiracial democracy. It is described as an activist publication, with articles written by and for teachers, families, and students. The journal also addresses key policy issues, such as market-oriented reforms and equity of financing.

Teaching Tolerance. Educational platform that offers resources, for students from infant to high school, organized in relation to four basic principles of Social Justice: identity, diversity, justice and social action.

TICambia. An educational space that offers didactic resources and conceptual frameworks on five thematic axes: development and fight against poverty, human rights and peace, gender equality, environmental sustainability and cultural diversity. It seeks to contribute to reinforcing the necessary skills to understand the world in which we live, using ICT.

Zinn Education Project. Educational project aimed at sharing didactic resources for the study of history from a social justice perspective, emphasizing the role throughout history of workers, women, people of color and organized social movements in the formation of history.

Audiovisual resources

A Walk in my shoes. Documentary film showing the lives and experiences of five educators whose passion for social justice was forged when they were in school. Her personal stories testify to the overt and subtle forms of injustice that create critical barriers to quality learning and inclusion.

Canal UNED-Educación en Radio 3. The National University of Distance Education (UNED) has on its website Canal UNED a series of podcasts on various topics related to education, where the most current topics are discussed.

Dentro del péndulo. A documentary film produced and starring more than sixty students, of Vocational Training from two public centers in the Community of Madrid. The documentary is the result of a collaborative project halfway between the social, the educational and the cinematographic. The film shows the testimony of a two-way trip, one to the heart of some North African mountains and its reality; and another, to the bowels of what we are. Thus understanding what it is to travel on the back of a pendulum.

Podcast-Educators for Social Justice. A series of 9 podcasts that cover various topics to promote equity, sustainability and social justice in the classroom.