Recommended websites

Art Works Projects: ART WORKS Projects’ mission is to use design and the arts to raise awareness of and educate the public about significant human rights issues. ART WORKS provides visual advocacy tools which produce action on human rights crises at the grassroots, media, and policy levels.

Asociación de Aprendizaje-Servicio Universitario: Association formed by teachers, researchers and technical staff of the university field. It was created in 2017 with the purpose of strengthening the collaboration and exchange of ApS experiences, disseminating educational and social projects based on this methodology, promoting research and support the institutionalization processes of ApS in Spanish universities.

Aula Intercultural:  Web designed to provide training for teachers, teaching materials, research, workshops with students, awareness campaigns, … 

British Columbia Teachers´ Federation: BCTF is a union representing public school teachers in the province of British Columbia (Canada). It is characterized by its work developed in relation to Social Justice. On their site you can consult various materials on Education for Social Justice around 6 thematic axes: Anti-povertyAnti-racismEnvironmental JusticeLGBTQ2SPeace and Global Education and Status of Women.

Canal UNED-Educación en Radio 3: The National University of Distance Education (UNED) has on its website Canal UNED a series of podcasts on various topics related to education, where the most current issues are discussed.

Consorcio para la Educación Inclusiva: In 2002, a group of professors from the Autonomous Universities of Madrid (UAM), Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Ramón LLull from Barcelona, with the collaboration of experts from OREALC (the UNESCO regional office, based in Chile), we gather around the common interest to publicize the work of professors Tony Booth and Mel Ainscow known as Index for Inclusion. We then take care of the translation, edition and dissemination in Spanish of the 2nd English edition, also collaborating in the editions that were later made in Catalan and Basque. For this, we are grouped as a Consortium for Inclusive Education (C.E.I.), and today we continue working, individually or collaboratively, around the broad theme of inclusive education from different fields (training, advice, research, dissemination and transfer of knowledge).


Comunidad EJS: It is an open community that employs several virtual spaces for collaboration. It is inspired by a vision of Educational Counseling for Social Justice, based on dialogic learning, DIY / HTM (Do it yourself) philosophy and proposals for free and open knowledge in the Community.

Cult of Pedagogy: Cult of Pedagogy is run by a team of people committed to making you more awesome in the classroom.

Ecologistas en Acción: It is a confederation of more than 300 environmental groups distributed by towns and cities. It is part of the so-called social ecology, which understands that environmental problems have their origin in an increasingly globalized model of production and consumption. It has a section of varied resources and key readings with possible didactic use that approach sustainability.

Educatolerancia: Website of Education, Tolerance and Human Rights of the Movement against Intolerance. A space where to find educational resources to work from education, tolerance, solidarity and Human Rights and build a society in which all intolerance and all its manifestations do not occur.

Educar en igualdad: A project to promote the development of coeducation and support for an education for equality between women and men and for the prevention of violence against women from school. The web page gathers reference materials and support guides for the programming of activities and other complementary resources

Fuhem-Ecosocial: Research, experimentation and educational innovation have been an essential concern for FUHEM for decades. Therefore, it supports the development of educational materials and guides that address different aspects of the current world from an ecosocial and critical orientation. It provides teachers with materials to work in the different levels of the educational cycle around issues related to sustainability, social cohesion, democracy and diversity, and peace in a broad sense.

Gender Spectrum: It aims to create inclusive environments and sensitive to gender. It is organized around 8 themes among which are resources for adolescents, families and schools. A group of teachers committed to innovation as an engine of change in schools and in society.

Teachers For Future Spain: It is a group of teachers worried about the state of climatic emergency that we are living. They carry out concrete actions to change the management of schools and to develop Environmental Education. They have a strong commitment to the planet and a complete collection of teaching resources related to climate change and sustainability.

Teaching For Change: A movement that shares tools to teachers and families to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world. They base their work on questioning and rethinking the world inside and outside their classrooms, building a more equitable and multicultural society and becoming active global citizens. They offer a lot of resources, from projects to work in the classroom to a library with books for all ages.

Teaching Tolerance:  It shares free resources to educators (teachers, administrators, counselors and other professionals) who work with children from kindergarten through high school.

TICambia: It is an educational space that offers teaching resources and conceptual frameworks on five thematic axes: development and fight against poverty, human rights and peace, equity of gender, environmental sustainability and cultural diversity. We want to contribute to reinforce the necessary skills to understand the world in which we live, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Tiempo de Actuar: Blog to share teaching resources to face the crisis of coexistence between people and with the environment. The entries are made by FUHEM, by teachers from other centers, or by interesting resources and activities that we are getting to know. Thus, the blog is open to the contribution of experiences and materials from different professionals of education. In the blog appear the resources ordered by educational stage, content, subject and didactic guides.

Unesco: Official page of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) which is a selection of resources, documents and open and accessible bibliographic material.

1325 mujeres tejiendo la paz: It is an awareness, education and communication program on the role of women in peace building. It is supported by resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security adopted by the United Nations in 2000.