Privilege, the white savior complex and the value of small everyday gestures. Nerea's gaze after her formative stay in India

After a formative stay in the social and educational sphere that surrounds the country’s brick industry, Nerea Deza, one of the 24 educators in training from the Community Services department of the high school IES Barrio de Bilbao who participated in the trip of this year, shares in the blog Formative Stay in India her gaze.

This trip, organised by Rocío Copete with the support of Juanjo Vergara, has given the opportunity to bring together very different realities between people who receive training in education and community intervention, and people from communities around the brick industry in India. In particular, the group has been visiting Design for Change schools and “street” children’s shelter homes.

Nerea shares a brief but profound reflection on issues that, due to having a series of privileges, we do not usually ask ourselves. These are issues that incite us to vindicate the need to deconstruct and unlearn, as well as to reflect on the value of small gestures that generate change, to stop for a moment in order to care for others, to love and empathize with those around us.

You can read more on the Formative Stay in India blog.