Organisations fighting for Social Justice

Teachers for Social Justice-Chicago. An organization of teachers, administrators, and educators working in public, alternative, and independent schools in Chicago. Its birth stems from a common commitment to a fairer society that is anti-racist, multicultural, and real for students.

Teaching for Change. A movement orchestrated by teachers and families with the aim of creating schools where students learn to read, write and change the world. They base their work on questioning and rethinking the world inside and outside their classrooms, building a more equitable and multicultural society, and becoming active global citizens. They offer a wealth of resources, from projects to work in the classroom to a library with books for all ages.

Teachers for Social Justice-San Francisco. A nonprofit teacher development and support organization located in San Francisco. It aims to provide opportunities for self-transformation, leadership, and community building to effect meaningful change in the classroom, school, community, and society.

The Social Justice Schools. A community made up of high school activist students with the intention of participating in the design of a fairer world. To do this, the School of Social Justice creates an educational space in which students, through differences, become critically involved with the world and interrupt inequality systems towards the design of equitable systems with equal results: liberation for everyone and a non-hierarchical society.