Feminist education

Teaching resources

1325 mujeres tejiendo la paz.  An awareness, education and communication program on the role of women in peace building. It is supported by resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security adopted by the United Nations in 2000.

Adivina tu científica aventura.  They are workshops that were taught during the Initiative February 11, 2018 and now all the materials are made available so that teachers and education professionals can reproduce them in their classrooms. There is a Dossier that explains what the workshops consist of. In addition to a file with presentations from the scientists and a file with images to print.

Científicas: pasado, presente y futuro. It is a scientific theater activity aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 14 that has been performed since 2016, mainly in Seville, but also in other parts of Spain. Through this work, the aim is to highlight the importance of science, encourage scientific vocations and visualize the role of women in science. In particular, we want to bring girls closer to this world, offering them references in which they can feel reflected. You can also enjoy the work in a comic version or through an audiovisual version.

Educar en igualdad. An educational project that aims to promote the development of coeducation and support for education for equality between women and men and for the prevention of violence against women from school. The website gathers reference materials and support guides for the scheduling of activities and other complementary resources.

Gender Spectrum. An organization that emerged with the intention of helping families, organizations and institutions to increase their understanding of gender and to consider the implications that changing opinions have for each of us. Through their website, among other services, they offer a series of resources aimed at creating inclusive and gender-sensitive environments classified in topics such as families, adolescence, education, etc.

Guía de recursos para profesionales que trabajan con adolescentes varones las masculinidades no violentas by Coral Herrera. Didactic resource that includes useful dynamics and useful for parents and education professionals wanting to work on non violent masculinities.

Sexism. The Educatolerancia website dedicates a section to educational resources, children’s and youth bibliography against sexism.

Status of woman. The BCTF (British Columbia Teacher´s Federation) offers a section dedicated to supporting teachers on the situation of women in the world. On the web, you can find classroom projects, a calendar with relevant dates, audiovisual resources, reading recommendations for teachers and students, etc.

Audiovisual resources

AntoniaFilm described by its director as “a feminist fairy tale”. It tells the story of Antonia, who, after returning to the anonymous Dutch town of her birth, establishes and nurtures a tight-knit matriarchal community. The film covers a range of topics, from death and religion to sex, intimacy, lesbianism, friendship and love.

She’s beautiful when she’s angry. An American documentary released in 2014 about some women involved in the second wave movement of feminism in the United States.

Majorité Opprimée. A short film that tells the story of Pierre, an ordinary man who lives in a world where men are oppressed daily. The protagonist suffers the consequences of walking down the street in a reality where his gender is objectified and transformed into a sexual object. In this short, gender issues such as heteropatriarchy, street harassment, gender roles, power relations, etc. are addressed.

The green bicycle. A film based on the life of Wadjda, a ten-year-old girl who lives in a society so traditional that certain things like cycling are totally prohibited for girls. Despite everything, she is a fun and enterprising girl who always borders the limit between what is authorized and what is prohibited.

The Fountain (La Source des femmes)A film that tells the story of a small town, somewhere between North Africa and the Middle East, where tradition requires that women look for water in the source that is born on top of a mountain. Leila, a young married woman, proposes to the other women a sex strike: they will not have sexual relations until the men collaborate in the transfer of water to the village.

Mustang:A film about the lives of five young Turkish orphan sisters who spend the summer at their relatives’ house on the shores of the Black Sea. But when rumors that they play with boys spread, their grandmother and uncle force them to marry against their will.


The Breadwinner. Animated film that tells the life of Parvana, an eleven-year-old girl who lives in the capital of Afghanistan during the period of Taliban rule. As his father is detained, the family runs out of resources and, because women are prohibited from earning money, they decide to transform Parvana into a boy in order to work.

I only know I know nothing. A short film that tells the story of Sofia, a housewife, a widow and disenchanted, who undergoes a change in her life after discovering the book on Philosophy by her teenage son. Thanks to philosophy, Sofia will start a period of rethinking and deconstruction of many ideas that seemed to be clearly settled in her head. This is a short film that brings us with an ingenious touch of humor to topics such as gender relations in the family, friendship and the strength of books to awaken consciousness.

Tomboy. A film starring Laure a 10-year-old girl who, after moving, due to her appearance and haircut, is mistaken for a boy. Summer will become a great playground where Laure becomes Michael, a child like any other. All the children welcome him like another boy. Laure takes advantage of her new identity to have fun with her new life, but the end of summer and back to school will reveal her secret.

Tully: A feature film that tells how a mother, after having her third daughter, has no choice but to hire a babysitter, although she would rather not. Although at first suspicious of her, a very special bond is established between the two.

Iam not an easy man. A film whose protagonist is an unrepentant sexist who proves of his own medicine when he awakens in a world dominated by women, where he faces a powerful literary author.