Educational experiences

“We are a family that builds possible worlds, dreams, learns, teaches and creates. An innovative proposal of alternative education and sustainable development. We experimented with arts, sciences and sports, to promote the rights of girls, boys and young people, through the recovery of memory and the construction of a future in community “. Located in the Belén neighborhood of Bogotá, Colombia.

The Community Schools for Social Justice (EJS Community) is an open community that uses several virtual spaces for collaboration. A Community of Learning, Activism and Research from virtual environments. We support each other from the network, share and co-create ideas, strategies and tools to build just schools for a just society.

Escuelas Hermanadas por la Justicia Social

Network of educational centers of different educational levels (from kindergarten to university) that work together in, from and for Social Justice, through a collaborative work with Project Based Learning (PBL).

Presentation of a pedagogic experience carried out in the Villa Soldati Popular Baccalaureate of the City of Buenos Aires (2016). The work adopted a perspective in which the pedagogy of Paulo Freire and Feminism intersect.

Published in 1967 by Libreria Editrice Fiorentina (Italy), Letter to a teacher represents a criticism of the educational system carried out through a collective writing work by the students of La Scuola di Barbiana, in the province of Florence, and by their teacher Don Lorenzo Milani .

Is an alternative education directory in Spain. We have chosen to include any project that supposes an alternative to a more or less traditional vision of education, for which very diverse options are shown: free schools, forest schools, Montessori schools, learning communities, Reggio Emilia schools, institutes that work for projects, associations dedicated to the study and dissemination, public schools that partially or totally are adopting some of these pedagogies, etc. And for the little ones, parenting groups and day mothers.

This report from the National Center of Historical Memory of Colombia collects the experiences of teachers in relation to pedagogy for memory and the construction of a culture of peace. In addition, it has the collection of specific didactic activities to work on this subject.