Educational experiences

Chinese School. A 2008 BBC documentary that focuses on the daily lives of a group of families, teachers and children from Anhui province. The documentary reflects the situation in impoverished populations in China and the existing urban-rural gap, wage, educational resources and Human Rights.

Comunidad Escuelas para la Justicia Social (EJS). An open community that uses multiple virtual spaces for collaboration. Based on dialogical learning, the DIY / HTM (Do it yourself / Do it yourself) philosophy and proposals for free and open knowledge in Community. It consists of a support network from which ideas, strategies and tools are shared and created to build socially just schools.

Die gefährlichsten Schulwege der Welt. The documentary Die gefährlichsten Schulwege der Welt (The most dangerous way to go to school in the world) shows different experiences of students from countries such as Kenya, Nepal, Siberia or Peru to attend school despite the multitude of difficulties that are encountered on the road on a daily basis.

Enséñame pero Bonito. A documentary that shows different alternative educational experiences to the traditional learning model. It aims to make visible and open a debate on the main current teaching methods in the country: “It is our contribution to work for a pedagogical renewal and a better future.”

Entre Maestros. A documentary produced by ALEA about an innovative educational experience based on the vision of “educating empowering”. A meeting between 11 students, 1 teacher, 12 days of class; between life and education through self-knowledge in class.

Escuela Ayampe (Ecuador). Innovation and educational improvement project of the Ayampe School in Ecuador, led by the Ministry of Education, the Ayampe Promoting Committee and the International Education Network (RIE). The fiscal school “Ernesto Velásquez Kuffó” is the only educational center of the Ayampe campus, founded thirty years ago and in 2019 it has become a reference educational center for the implementation of the project. With the effort of the entire community, entities and donors, the Ayampe school has been transformed into a school that provides the curriculum through alternative methodologies adapted to its reality and to the needs of the 21st century.

Escuelas Hermanadas por la Justicia Social. Educational network of different educational levels (from early childhood education to university) that work together in, from and for Social Justice, through collaborative work based on Project Based Learning (ABP).

Estrellas en la Tierra. The film Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth) tells the story of a child with special needs and his teacher, who, unlike the previous teachers, decides to let the child freely develop his own ideas.

Childhood Elsewhere. The documentary talks about education as a topic that generates general anxiety in China. Countless families send all their children abroad, hoping that their children get a better education. Zhou Yi Jun, a mother of two and a reporter who regularly reports on international news, felt the same anxiety. For this reason, she embarks on a journey through different countries to discover different challenges and educational systems. On the scouting trip, Yi Jun also recalled her childhood and also underwent a trip to re-examine herself. Group of teachers committed to innovation as an engine of change in schools and in society. Labine arises as a tool that can serve as a training tool for teachers, belonging to an innovation network for schools – and teachers – who carry out innovative practices in their classrooms and a space for exchange – and dissemination – of those innovative practices that are revolutionizing The education.

The Chorus. The film chronicles Professor Clement’s experience in a French boarding school where most students are viewed as problematic and where teachers believe they only respond to the “action-reaction” philosophy. Thanks to the tranquility and perseverance of Clement and his proposal for a learning model that leaves room for music and creativity, the schemes of the boarding school are being transformed.

Ludus. A website that collects information on alternative education in Spain. Any project that represents an alternative to education is shown, collecting very diverse options: free schools, forest schools, learning communities, Reggio Emilia schools, institutes that work on projects, associations dedicated to study and dissemination, public schools that in part or they are totally embracing some of these pedagogies, parenting groups, etc.

Piezas. A documentary about social transformation through education. Reflect on the concept of traditional education, values, a more current educational model and personal growth. It collects testimonies from different agents in the educational field, from children from different parts of the world, to professionals in education and research.

Recorridos de la memoria histórica en la escuela. The National Center of Historical Memory of Colombia collects the experiences of teachers in relation to pedagogy for memory and the construction of a culture of peace. In addition, it has the compilation of specific didactic activities to work on this topic.