Art for Social Justice

Art Works Projects. A collective of artists and designers dedicated to the creation of works in defense of Human Rights. Both ART WORKS art and design exhibitions, books, recordings, films and other initiatives provide opportunities for the population to participate in eliminating the main violations of human rights.

China Special Art Direction Center for the Disable. In 1987, more than 30 people with disabilities participated in the first China Art Festival, and the China Handicapped Art Company was established. This school enrolls students with disabilities, where they receive basic education and opens the way to college. Students acquire knowledge and skills with dignity. This team has trained excellent disabled workers. They visit more than 10 countries every year and so far have participated in activities in more than 100 countries.

La combi-Arte Rodante. An audiovisual platform that works to defend cultural diversity, human rights and the environment through cinema and audiovisuals. The short films are made by children, adolescents and young people from different countries of the world through the workshops carried out by the rolling combi-art. A website that collects poems with the intention of helping teachers to teach historical and contemporary issues through poetry. It has a monthly curricular calendar, as well as a database of poems filtered by subject and period, and a series of educational projects designed to work on social issues through poetry from childhood to high school.

YR Media. A network of young journalists and artists seeking to amplify and give voice to young people and artists through the creation of content with diverse characteristics on politics, identity and emerging artists.