The main objective of the Chair is to maximize the dissemination of knowledge in such a way as to guarantee the impact at the macro level on the impact on political decision-making in the light of the collaboration between universities, schools and researchers, organizations and the findings found. And at the micro level, the schools themselves have knowledge and guides that they can use to develop an education that works for Social Justice.

In this line, the Unesco Chair of Education for Social Justice of the UAM seeks to contribute to the development of an Education for Social Justice through four Areas:

The UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice at the Autonomous University of Madrid has as one of its fundamental axes to develop interdisciplinary  quality research, in collaboration with other UNESCO Chairs, universities, research centres, about Education and Social Justice (+).

Aimed at improving the practices of formal and non-formal education through the development of teaching materials and the promotion of innovation actions in schools and the systematization of good practices (+).

Training oriented to students, teachers, specialists and professionals of formal and non-formal education in Education for Social Justice (+).

It is considered that the dissemination and dissemination of research and curricular materials as a fundamental axis to bring the work developed from the Chair to all people and groups interested in contributing to the development of an Education in Social Justice from its different centers of action (+).