Dr. Vanesa Seguro has a PhD in Education from UAM. She has carried out her research and doctoral thesis in the framework of children’s rights and child participation.

For 8 years she worked as an associate professor in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at UAM, teaching “Education in values: equality and citizenship”, “Education for equality and democratic citizenship”, “Needs and rights of children at risk” and “Emotional and social development” in the Teacher Training Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education. She also coordinated the subject of “Community Action and Education for Development” in the University Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice. Since 2010 she has been collaborating as a researcher in the research line “Human Development and Social Justice” within GICE (Educational Change for Social Justice) research group at UAM, where she has participated, among others, in projects such as “Educational Leadership for Social Justice” (Reference: EDU2010-18224), led by Professor Javier Murillo and “Schools for Social Justice” (Reference: EDU2011-29114), co-directed by Professors Reyes Hernández and Javier Murillo.

Prof. Seguro also holds a degree in Psychopedagogy and Primary Education. In addition, she has extensive academic training and extensive experience in the fields of Children’s Rights, Child and Youth Participation, Community Action, Education for Citizenship and Developmental Psychology.

She has been working for more than 15 years in Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council, currently as a Childhood and Youth expert, focusing her functions on the coordination of projects related to the civic training of children, child participation and coexistence, both outside and inside schools. She participates and coordinates working groups in national networks (RIA, RECE, Child Friendly Cities Network, Local Network for the Rights of Children and Adolescents) and has been a member of European projects “Lights for Global Citizenship” (Ref nº DCI-NSAPVD/2012/281-688) EU project funded by the Ibero-American Foundation for Education, Science and Culture (attached to the OEI).

She has participated as an invited speaker in numerous conferences and has several publications. Currently her research work focuses on the development of both theoretical and practical implications and potentialities of the capabilities approach and social justice theories in the development of child and youth participation.

Email: vanesa.seguro@gmail.com