The Chair’s second objective refers to two aspects of Trainning. On the one hand, it aims to develop curricular materials on Education for Social Justice and, on the other, to train students, teachers, specialists and professionals of formal and non-formal education.

In this sense, the Chair:

    • Develops, together with the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice, an official degree of the Autonomous University of Madrid.
    • The Chair collaborates in the teaching of topics related to Education for Social Justice in various undergraduate courses in Primary Education and Kindergarten and Primary Education, as well as different Masters degrees from the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the UAM.
    • It is developing a MOOC on Education for Social Justice.
    • It organizes courses and participates in different events on Education and Social Justice for teachers and educators from non-formal contexts.objetiv