School segregation

This workstream aims to deepen the knowledge of school segregation to contribute to the decision-making of public educational and social policies that affect the reduction of this phenomenon that generates serious inequities.

Born in 2014, within the framework of the projectSchools in socio-economically challenging contexts: An approach from education for social justice” (State Plan R & D & I, Ref: EDU2014-56118-P). A work led and developed, mainly, by members of the Research Group Educational Change for Social Justice that are currently part of the team of researchers of the UNESCO Chair.

To date, a dozen articles have been published in quality educational research journals, but it has also had an impact on the media (press, radio and television), participation in various conferences and seminars on the subject and established contacts to influence the development of public education policies.

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School segregation in Spanish society: schools for the rich and schools for the poor sustained with public money, by F. Javier Murillo, developed within the framework of the V Seminar “Research project School Map: Towards a municipal plan against school segregation” celebrated at Universitat de València (6/12/2019).

What do we do with school segregation policies?, by F. Javier Murillo. Organised by the association “Por Otra Política Educativa. Foro de Sevilla” at the Ateneo de Madrid (10/18/2019). You can check the full video of the intervention here

Segregation, school choice and social justice in the Spanish education system, by F. Javier Murillo. Developed within the framework of the Conference “Deconstructing the neoliberal educational model. Educational transformations alternatives ”at the University of Granada (12/4/19).

Educating City: School Segregation, by F. Javier Murillo, within the framework of the 2018 Summer Course of the UPV / EHU (07/11/2018). The full intervention can be consulted here

Attitudes towards school segregation, by F. Javier Murillo, in the framework of the 2018 Summer Course of the UPV / EHU (07/11/2018). The full intervention can be consulted here

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