Resources for the classroom

Web designed to provide training for teachers, teaching materials, research, workshops with students, awareness campaigns, etc.

It is a confederation of more than 300 environmental groups distributed by towns and cities. It is part of the so-called social ecology, which understands that environmental problems have their origin in an increasingly globalized model of production and consumption. It has a section of varied resources and key readings with possible didactic use that approach sustainability.

Is the project that Fundación Mujeres aims to promote the development of coeducation and support for an education for equality between women and men and for the prevention of violence against women from school. The web page gathers reference materials and support guides for the programming of activities and other types of complementary resources.

Education, Tolerance and Human Rights website of the Movement against Intolerance. A space where to find educational resources to work from education, tolerance, solidarity and Human Rights and to build a society in which there is no place for intolerance and all its manifestations.

The Foundation is dedicated to transforming K-12 education so that all students can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. Founded by innovative and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991, it takes a strategic approach to improving K-12 education through two distinct areas of focus: Edutopia and Lucas Education Research.

Escuela en la Nube is an educational portal that offers resources for parents, teachers and children / students of any type and subject. It is aimed at children in primary and primary school.

Research, experimentation and educational innovation have been an essential concern for FUHEM for decades. Therefore, it supports the development of educational materials and guides that address different aspects of the current world from an ecosocial and critical orientation. It provides teachers with materials to work at different levels of the educational cycle around issues related to sustainability, social cohesion, democracy and diversity, and peace in a broad sense.

Is an educational space that offers didactic resources and conceptual frameworks on five thematic axes: development and fight against poverty, human rights and peace, gender equity, environmental sustainability and cultural diversity. We want to contribute to reinforce the necessary competences to understand the world in which we live, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).