The UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid has as one of its fundamental axes, to develop quality interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with other UNESCO Chairs, universities and research centres, about Social Justice and Education.  

In this sense, it is currently working on the following topics:

  • Democracy in Education, essentially through research: Democracy in schools as the foundation of an education for Social Justice. Project financed with National Plan Funds R&D.I. Ref: EDU2017-82688-P.
  • School segregation, through conducting research that estimates the magnitude (and thereby denounce) school segregation in Spain and Latin America and identify the causes and consequences, in order to contribute to policy decision-making education and social issues that contribute to reducing this phenomenon that generates serious inequities.
  • Socio-ecological literacy for social justice
  • Learning-Service. The Chair currently participates in the ERASMUS+ KA2 Programme project. Rural 3.0: Service Learning for the Rural Development (RUSARSL).
The Chair has established a Laboratory on Education and Social Justice. This laboratory of ideas is working on incorporating the approaches of the epistemologies of the South to Education for Social Justice.