Juan José Vergara

Trainer and teacher in exercise. He has worked in various educational contexts: primary, secondary education, vocational training, adults, prison education and community education, among others. He is the author of the book “Aprendo porque quiero. El Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos (ABP) paso a paso ”(Biblioteca de Innovación Educativa. S.M.) 2015.

He is a pedagogue specialised in management and direction of educational centers with postgraduate studies in sociocultural animation and adult education. He is also a teacher.

He combines direct teaching with the training of teams of teachers who bet on the change in their practices. He specializes in active methodologies: Project Based Learning and Problems (ABP), Service Learning, Social Entrepreneurship, Active Evaluation Techniques and Project Programming Models. He is also an expert in the use of tools applicable to active methodologies; technology, creativity, dynamics and cooperative structures.

He collaborates in training plans for public, concerted and private centers, and teaches courses and conferences on active methodologies in management training plans at the Regional Center for Educational Innovation in Madrid, in different CTIF, CPR, CEP, the Teaching Federation Religious, ITE CECE, Pedagogical Renewal Movements, Publishers, Associations, NGOs and Universities.

Juan José is part of the Editorial Board of the International Journal on Research in Global Education and writes regularly in the newspaper ‘Escuela’ and in various educational blogs such as BlogCanalEduación, INED21 and in various specialized publications: Notebooks of Pedagogy, Journal of Educational Innovation, Materials of Education of Wolter Kluwer, Magazine of the National Society of Pedagogy ‘Bordón’, Mc Graw Hill, SM, International Magazine on research in Global Education and for Development, etc.

Email:  jnj.vergara@gmail.com