Educational experiences

Casa B: “We are a family that builds possible worlds, dreams, learns, teaches and creates. An innovative proposal for alternative education and sustainable development. We experience arts, science and sports to promote the rights of girls and boys and young people through the recovery of memory and the building of a future in community. ” Located in the neighborhood of Belén, in Bogota, Colombia.

Comunidad EJS: Community Schools of Social Justice (EJS Community) is an open community that uses multiple virtual spaces for collaboration. A Community of Learning, Activism and Research of virtual environments. We support each other on the network, share and co-create ideas, strategies and tools to build fair schools for a just society.

Edutopía: The Foundation is dedicated to transforming basic education so that all students can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to thrive in their studies, careers and adult lives. Founded by the groundbreaking and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991, she adopts a strategic approach to improving basic education through two distinct areas: Edutopia and Lucas Education Research. 

Escuela Ayampe: Educational innovation experience with the Ayampe School Innovation and Improvement Project in Ecuador, coordinated by Sergio Carneros, 2019 Doctoral Thesis Award.

Escuelas Hermanadas por la Justicia Social: Network of educational centers of different educational levels (from kindergarten to university) that work together, to and from Social Justice, through a collaborative work with Project-Based Learning (PBL). 

Ludus: It is an alternative educational directory in Spain. We have chosen to include any project that would represent an alternative to a more or less traditional vision of education, for which very diverse options are shown: free schools, forestry schools, Montessori schools, learning communities, schools in Reggio Emilia, institutes that work for projects, associations dedicated to study and dissemination, public schools that partially or totally adopt some of these pedagogies, etc. And for the little ones, groups of fathers and mothers of the day. 

Tours of historical memory in the school, Colombia:  The National Center of Historical Memory of Colombia brings together the experiences of teachers in relation to the pedagogy of memory and the construction of a culture of peace. In addition, it has the collection of specific didactic activities to work on this subject.

Teachers for Social Justice – Chicago: is an organization of teachers, administrators and educators working in public, alternative and independent schools in the Chicago area of ​​the city. Its birth stems from the common commitment to a fairer society, which is anti-racist, multicultural and real to students. 

Teachers 4 Social Justice – San Francisco: is a nonprofit teacher development and support organization in San Francisco. The goal is to provide opportunities for self-transformation, leadership and community building for educators in order to affect significant changes in the classroom, at school, in the community, and in society. 

The Social Justice Schools: it is a community made up of high school students to become designer activists for a fairer world, for which education is required that encompasses and lives a core set of beliefs about what it means to be human. The School of Social Justice creates an educational space in which students, through differences, engage critically with the world and interrupt the systems of inequality for the design of equitable systems with equal results: liberation for all and a non-hierarchical society.