Educational evaluation

The educational evaluation workstream seeks to deepen and understand different approaches to educational evaluation with a perspective from education for Social Justice another of the lines of work of the Chair.In this sense, educational evaluation is considered as an activity of marked character politician. What do you evaluate, how, when, for what, for whom … determines, and is determined, by the society being sought.

This workstream includes a holistic approach to evaluation, including the evaluation of students, institutions, teachers, programs, etc. It aims to take advantage of the experience of members of the Chair working in this line from various approaches. On the one hand, there is a broad line of work on Fair Evaluation and Socially Fair Evaluation in Primary and Secondary Education, with numerous publications on the subject. Likewise, a line focused on research on the Formative Evaluation of students in Higher Education is developed, aimed at transforming the evaluation into a practice that favors student learning and this becomes a more authentic, participatory and fair practice.