Innovation and Development

The UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice of the Autonomous University of Madrid has among its main objectives to foster innovation and development actions aimed to improving actions in formal and non-formal education for Social Justice. In this sense, the Chair:

  • Elaborates teaching materials on Education for Social Justice for Elementary and Primary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education, as well as for the development of non-formal education.
  • It is developing a study for the identification and systematization of good practices on Education from and for Social Justice.
  • It has joined the For Another Educational Policyinitiative promoted by the Seville Forum, which consists in the elaboration, discussion, defense and dissemination of the “Document of bases for a new Education Law”. This document is based on dialogue and reflection with social groups, student unions, parents’ associations, trade union organizations, political parties and it opens to citizen participation.

All this, as in other areas, through collaborative actions and networking such as other UNESCO Chairs and Centers, with research groups and schools of different educational levels.