Children's literature

6 Kingdoms: Synopsis: Martin lives in the Gray Kingdom, where nothing escapes this sad color. One day, the discovery of a foreign object from other lands leads you to look for what lies beyond the wall that surrounds your world. Martin and his family begin a journey in which they will visit six kingdoms. Will they find a kingdom in which they can be themselves? An album that talks about respect, diversity and tolerance; Author: José Carlos Román; Illustrator: Mar Azabal.

El Cazo de Lorenzo: Synopsis: It tells the story of a boy named Lorenzo, who has to drag a red pan, always with him. Sometimes the pan gives him certain difficulties and challenges in life that, thanks to the help of some people, he learns to overcome little by little; Author: Isabelle Carrier.

El iglú: Synopsis: The life of a small town is altered by the appearance of a strange igloo and the questions begin to happen. A story to learn to look with the eyes of the heart. A call to solidarity in a world accustomed to indifference. This story brings us closer to a palpable reality: how we stop seeing people who need help and become invisible to our eyes. Under the guiding thread of the mysterious igloo, children and adults can go on an inner journey full of sensitivity. Author: Jesús López Moya; Illustrator: Zuriñe Aguirre.

Habría que: A boy was sitting on his island looking at the world and reflecting. He saw wars, famine, pollution, and abuses of power. And he also saw many tears and few hugs of love. He thought that there would be a lot to change in this world and, precisely because of that, he decided … BORN; Author: Thierry Lenain; Illustrator: Olivier Tallec. 

Por cuatro esquinitas de nada: Synopsis: Square wants to play at the home of his friends Redonditos, but he does not enter the door because … The door is round like his friends! “We’ll have to cut the corners!” The redonditos say. ‘Oh no! – says Quad – I would hurt a lot! What can we do? Small square is different. It will never be round; Author: Jérôme Ruillier. 

Salvaje: Synopsis: tells the story of a girl who lives happily in nature, where the bears have taught her to eat, the birds to talk and the foxes to play. She is bold, brave and incredibly free. But one day, a new animal enters the scene, an animal strangely similar to it …; Author and Illustrator: Emily Hughes.